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Where do I begin...

My mother named me Serene in hopes of having a peaceful, tranquil baby girl considering I am the eighth sibling of 10, well 11, but that's another story. I am of Filipino, Puerto Rican, Mexican and Spanish descent, Oh and an Aries too. So, how do you think my mother's wishes came true? lol. I might have even been a sailor in my past life, that's a work in progress. I am the outspoken one when I feel things are wrong and stand up for the right reasons. But I've always had a soft spot in my heart for the underdogs of the world.  

During my life, I've faced many challenges around me, but always endured with my Faith.

During my spiritual journey in the past few years, retiring early from the rat race, I've learned and grown in so many ways. That's when I was introduced to a similar spray called Florida Water or Aqua de Flor during our meditation and chanting exercises. So, I created my version of Florida Water and I shared it with family and friends. They loved it and asked me to make more! This is what inspired me and led me to one of my passions and I named it, Being Serene Spray. I am my best customer.

Going back to my I really wanted to share with you how it has helped me through my first bout of anxieties in my life a couple of years back. It has also helped my son manage his stress due to MS, and many family and friends are using it to this day. I also have a desire to serve humanity. One way is by introducing Being Serene to anyone who wants to be in a being serene state of mind, by letting go of worry or stress.

In my spiritual journey, I've learned that Forgiveness is Love, and Love is Peace and Harmony.  

I am sending all of you Love, Peace and Harmony!

My business supports the
Love Peace Harmony Foundation

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